Forging Functional Art

Creating custom metal work for homes,

commercial spaces, and outdoor areas.

Forging Functional Art

Creating custom metal work for homes,

commercial spaces, and outdoor areas.

A Studio Specializing in the Handicraft of Blacksmithing

About Randall Slaysman

Slaysman Forge is owned and operated by trained blacksmith, Randall Slaysman, who has over 30 years of experience in crafting custom interior and exterior designs. This includes railings, gates, furniture, home accessories, hardware, and lighting in all metals including restoration.

Randall has and continues to work directly with architects, designers, builders, and homeowners to create unique products, interior and exterior, for any home’s décor. Each piece is individually designed, crafted, and installed to provide a unique and lasting inheritable product.


Interior Railings

Slaysman Forge designs and constructs unique and distinct handrails. Whether contemporary or rustic, we'll create a handrail to integrate into your home décor that doubles as an independent work of art. Built with the finest materials and craftsmanship, these handrails will last the life of the home.

Architectural Ironwork

Slaysman Forge works with homeowners, architects, and interior designers to create unique accessories for any home’s décor. A few examples include lighting, cabinet and hardware, weather vanes, and fireplace screens, almost anything made of metal—all built by hand to exact specifications.



Slaysman Forge designs and fabricates unique and distinct metal furniture and accessories. Using a variety of components, including wood and stone, we create beautiful works of art that can be proudly displayed in your home, garden, office, or living space.


Slaysman Forge also has experience working with builders and architects on commercial projects of all sizes. Understanding the sampling process we are able to deliver sketches of 3D renderings if the project demands such materials.

Creativity and craftsmanship describe Slaysman Forge's classical approach to architectural and ornamental metalwork.